The Difference Between Direct-To-Garment Printing and Screen Printing

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Screen Printing and direct-to-garment printing are two very different ways to print custom designs onto t-shirts.



Screen printing and Direct to Garment printing are two very different methods that you can use to print on T -Shirts. Both have advantages and disadvantages to them. Which way you want depends on a variety of factors: budget, quantity, number of colors, and material.

Screen Printing requires a stencil screen for each color, and then you create the printed garment by applying ink over the each stencil. Screen printing is mostly used for simple designs in fewer colors. The biggest drawback to Screen Printing is order limitations. It is not economical to do small quantities of shirts. Setting up the design takes a good amount of time and the ink is expensive.

Direct-to-garment, (DTG), is a printing method that sprays the ink onto the garment using inject technology. The inks then soak into the fibers of the garment. Direct to Garment (DTG printers offer extensive color options which means you can print detailed designs and images with virtually no color limitations. This process is great for photo-realistic designs or full color designs. In addition to the great quality the prints, you can print do small quantities of shirts. Direct to garment printers do have a few disadvantage; the machines are expensive, maintenance on the machines are expensive , and inks are expensive.