How to keep your white coat looking good?

Man wearing white lab coat

A crisp white coat sends a silent message to your everyone that you are a professional. Here are a few tips to keep your white coat looking good.

Routine Cleaning
Wash your white coat often. Stains will come out more easily if you wan them sooner. Check those pockets for pens and tissues. Wash only with whites, even light colors come off on your coat. Start with warm water and use a laundry soap, such as Tide or Gain.
Don't add to much laundry soap, it will leave a residue on your coat. Adding OxiClean to the wash will stop it from getting dingy. Your coat should be ironed after every washing, even if you remove it rom the fryer while it is still damp. Do not use bleach, it may turn your white coat grayish. Use white vinegar to make your white brighter. You can soak the white coat in warm water and 1/2 Cup before washing. White vinegar is also a natural fabric softener.
Hang up your white coat so that it will keep its shape longer.

Special Stains do have challenges. It is best to wash coat the same day and not let any stain set.

Blood stains usually does come out. Blot the blood stain with hydrogen peroxide as soon as possible. Then wash your coast in cold water with laundry soap. The stain should be gone. But it the stain remains, soak it overnight in cold water with 1/2 a scoop of OxiClean overnight. Wash the coat again the next day.

Coffee is a common stain. Put cold water on the stain as soon as possible. Spray some commercial stain remover as soon as you can. Wash the coat the same day.

A great solution for food stain is a stain remover pen such as Tide-To-Go. Use he pen stain remover right away. If you don't have a pen stain remover handy, some water and paper towels can help keep the stain from setting in. As soon as possible spray the coat with stain revere spray and soak it overnight in cold water with OxiClean. Next day, what your coat in a normal wash cycle.


Amodex Picture stain remover

Ink stain are very difficult to remove from clothing. Don't put water on an ink stain. I use a product called Amodex. It is a non-toxic Ink and Stain Remover. This product even removes sharpie ink! Do this process as soon as possible. I carry a purse size with me because this product works on many stains, but it is just wonderful on ink stains.
1. Place paper towel under stain.
2. Apply Amodex to the stain.
3. Gently rub with toothbrush or your fingernail.
4. As stain appears on paper towel move the towel to a clean area. (When removing heavy ink stains, continue working the stained area until no more ink appears on the paper towel).
5. Rinse area thoroughly under faucet using warm water. Continue rubbing area while rinsing or launder.
6. Well-set stains including ink marks may require a second application. On second application apply Amodex to wet surface. Allow Amodex to set on the stain for several hours or overnight, then repeat steps 1 through 5.
Very heavy ink spots (for example those caused by leaks) especially those in pockets are difficult to remove. We do not guarantee that Amodex will always remove heavy ink spots. We do know and assure you that it is your best and most effective alternative.

Old stains that you may have not noticed right away are a real challenge. Treat any old stain with a stain remover first. Let the coat soak overnight in just enough to cover the coat. Use a generous scoop of OxiClean. Finally, do a heavy duty warm wash with only the coast and a generous portion of laundry soap.

I have used Amodex on old stains also.
1. Apply a few drops of Amodex to the stain
2. Rub in with an old toothbrush or fingernail
3. When stain is approximately 50% lighter, add garment to laundry
4. Launder with regular laundry load

If this doesn't work, it maybe time for a new coat.