What is the Best Scrub for You?

That Depends on your own personal style

First of all, if you like what you’re wearing, the better you feel about yourself and your work. But be aware, there are many options for scrubs that are comfortable and attractive.

If you have the freedom to choose your own medical scrubs, you are very lucky. If you are fortunate enough to pick your own colors, everyone has a favorite color that enhances their complection and eye color. Keep one thing in mind, prints are fun, but do appear casual and many offices are using solid colors.

Many hospitals and offices do have color and style restrictions. Most departments will require you to wear a certain color. But you still have many options. Think about style. Would like a V Neck, rounded neck, square top, or one of the newer scalloped style necklines? You top can be long or short. Many medical uniforms have versatile pockets, such and pockets within pockets and secure zipper pockets, deep pockets and even some without pockets. Scrubs pants have side pockets, back pockets and single and double pockets. Reflect on your day, to determine how many pockets you will need to do your job. Your scrubs don't have to be plain. Petite pants come in regular, petite and tall. Petite pant scrubs category are for people that are 5'4" and shorter. Tall Pants are for the person 5"7" and taller. Choose your normal size, but in the regular, petite or tall.

Many of you will wear your work attire for 12 or more hours at a time, so they have to be comfortable, and flattering.
Today's designer scrubs come in so many different fits, from loose-fitting to tailored, from classic to trendy. Choosing which fit is best for you comes down to your own personal preferences. Just remember your scrubs should never limit your movements.
If you like a roomy fit. You'll love classic style because they are roomy and restriction-free. The pants generally sit slightly below the natural waistline and have a more relaxed fit.
If you prefer fitted uniforms you will like the junior fit. This style features tops with a shorter sleeve length and a slimmer fit. Junior fit scrub pants tend to sit just below the natural waistline and offer a slimmer, more fitted leg.
There are the new trendy athletic fit scrubs. These scrubs are designed to move with you. Some have mesh perforations for breathability, knit panels for extra flex and moisture wicking fabric. But they all have a fabric with stretch, and are easy care. The athletic fit scrub pants feature a comfy, stretchy waistband or a yoga style waistband to help you move freely.
A simple way to get comfortable; If you prefer things roomy, size up. If you like things more fitted, choose your true size.

You can add a personal touch with a fun style badge holder or a colorful stethoscope. While creating a personal touch is fun, check to make sure you’re within the rules. Always check the rules at your organization, before you do anything.