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Awards and Trophies make everyone feel special. We have a large selection of awards and trophies to choose from.

Trophies celebrate personal, business, academic and sports achievements. There are many types to choose from.

A Sculpture Trophy is usually made of Resin and are available in a variety of shapes.

A Column Trophy is basically a cylindrical column with a figure on top. They are very versatile and can feature any number of columns.

There are also insert trophies, plaques, glass and acrylic and metals recognizing achievements and competitions.

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Trophies celebrate personal, business, academic and sports achievements.  There are many types of awards.  There are Sculpture awards, Column Trophies, Award Plaques , Insert trophies, Personal Achievement Metals, Glass, Crystal and Acrylic Awards.  There is an Award or Trophy for any occasion.
     Sculpture Trophies are usually made of Resin and are available in a variety of shapes.  These are commonly used with youth organizations.  The sculpture trophies reflect participation in an academic or sports activity.  A insert that is placed onto the trophy is completely customized with a personal name, team name or date.  Many times these trophies are awarded to the entire team, and the children leave the game smiling.   
      Column Trophies are a time honored way of awarding achievement.  They are basically a cylindrical column with a figure on the top.  There are vey versatile and can feature any number of columns.  The column are available in many colors and the figures are available in many styles.  There are so many options with column trophies; from the base color and material, to the column color, the number of columns and finally the figurines and accents to reflect on an important occasion or event.
      Award plaques come in a variety of wood sizes, styles and colors.  There are plates that can be added to the plaque to highlight your company logo   They are ideal for celebrating business, charitable, academic achievements, a thank you and so much more.   Customize one of many engraved plaques for an employee of the month award, salesperson of the year or to celebrate a retiring employee. Plaques are a  great gift for a coach, as a team gift. You can give it at the end of the season for your team coach, assistant coach or manager.
     There are Corporate, Academic and Sports plaques that stay with a school, business or organization. The name is inserted on a metallic plate and attached to the plaque, for all to see.  A permanent reminder of your achievement.  (Our Golfers do love the Hole in One Plaques at their clubs) 
     Individual Personal Recognition Metals are usually awarded in sports and academic achievements.  They can be engraved with personal information including the name, date the accomplishment.  There is an appropriate award medal for any and all occasions.
     Glass,Crystal, and Acrylic Awards bring your recognition program to new heights. When you acknowledge employees, sponsors and volunteers for their valuable contributions your company, it reinforces how much you value their efforts.
     The most basic definition of a trophy was the "Trophy Cup" style.  With so many choices, the definition of a Trophy may have changed, but the personal recognition and memories are permanent.  Everyone likes to be appreciated.   
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