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Cheerleading trophies are a great way to recognize team spirit, leadership, and enthusiasm in your cheerleading squad. It is a popular way to acknowledge hard work and provide an incentive to keep trying. We offer resin trophies, metals, column trophies and plaques that would be a great way to encourage young cheerleaders.  Don't forget to show your appreciation to the coaches. Personalization is included on all trophies and plaques.

Have some fun at your next awards ceremony by sharing some fun cheerleading facts or some funny cheerleading sayings. Every cheerleader has a favorite quote. It can be funny, meaningful, inspirational or just a statement of how much you love cheerleading. There are so many, but these are a few of my favorites facts & quotes.                                                                                                                            The term "Cheerleader' has been used 1897.                                               Cheerleading stated out as an all male activity. It was't til 1923 that women joined cheerleading.                                                                                                                      In the beginning, pom-poms were used as a decoration for cheerleaders. they were made of paper.  In 1953, usable pom-poms were manufactured.                                                                                                              "Any Man can hold a girls hand, but only the Elite can hold their feet!"; author Ed, NY. "                                                                                                                               "I don't need an hour long game to prove what i do is a sport. Give me two minutes and 30 seconds and I'll blow your mind. "~ unknown

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