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Who started Healing Hands Scrubs and Why?

Bansi Lakhani, was only 42 years old when he suffered a massive heart attack in 1997. Recovering from open-heart surgery, he was struck by two things: The critical role of his nurses, who he calls his healing angels (“They cared for me like I was family”), and stiff, scratchy, ill-fitting, boxy uniforms! Mr. Lakhani thought, “If these nurses are providing such wonderful patient care already, imagine the possibilities of better patient care, resulting from the happiness of wearing luxurious uniforms. Ones that make them feel good, look good, perform well, and require no ironing or extra care. he promised himself, we would do something to repay them.” His idea was put on the back burner, while he recovered and eventually went back to work. It wasn’t until 2008 that he was able to start working on his promise. It became a father and son operation. They were always thinking about the customer and how to serve them better.

Most important was the creation of Healing Hands luxurious fabrics – fabrics that were soft, durable, and comfortable. He spent a lot of time with textile manufactures to create a perfect blend of weight, stretch, drape, and moisture wicking fabric. With soft fabrics he was able to create stylish scrubs that fit and flatter naturally with no added ironing or added spending. “I’m also extremely conscious of the price. We know how hard nurses work for each dollar.”

Many of Healing Hands’ uniforms have a personal, unique message printed inside, encouraging the professionals who wear Healing Hands scrubs, showing appreciation for the work they do. Some of the messages include: Nurses are healing angels! The power to heal is in your Hands! Thank you for being a Healer! If my Angels are Happy, I'm Happy!

Many times, nurses go about their business of caring for patients, not knowing the impact they have on their patients lives. This man has chosen to share his experience with you. He wants you to know that you are his "Healing Angels". Because of you, he created a line on scrubs, to make you feel and look better. We are please to announce the addition of Healing Hands to our line of medical uniforms.

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