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Awards and trophies are important because it encourages everyone to keep trying and going above and beyond. Trophies show that you have accomplished something, they really are a reward for your efforts. Awards and trophies symbolize success and achievements since ancient time. We carry resin awards, make column awards, have metals in gold, silver, bronze, and a large assortment of plaques that can be created for you specula event. If you have a reason to show appreciation, we can create an award for you.

How did the trophy, an item used to recognize achievement, get started?
The word trophy comes from Greek tropaion, from trope, “rout”, in ancient Greece, memorial of victory set up on the field of battle at the spot where the enemy had been routed.
The trophy consisted of captured arms and standards hung upon a tree or stake in the semblance of a man and was inscribed with details of the battle along with a dedication to a god or gods.
Today, a trophy recognizes everyday achievements.

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