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Landau Mission Statement

Landau's mission is to build long-term relationships with our customers, employees and suppliers based on integrity and a dedication to excellence by offering the highest-quality products, made from premium materials, at a competitive price.
Our innovative spirit, state-of-the-art equipment and talented employees allow us to stay true to our most significant objective - to continually exceed customer expectations.

5 Ways Landau Scrubs Are Made Better

Nearly 50 years ago, five seamstresses began sewing uniforms in the basement of the Landau retail store. Today, Landau is more than 1,000 associates dedicated to making the highest quality available — scrubs that make you look and feel your very best.
We're a third-generation family business making medical uniforms ourselves, from fabric to finish. We take pride in the products we produce standing behind every stitch of every garment we make. That’s why our name is on the label.
  1. Better Fabric: Landau's most popular garments begin with an exclusive fabric construction that sets the standard in the industry. Before we sew a single stitch, we test each roll of fabric for durability, shade consistency and color-fastness. Our demands are high. When fabric falls short of our standards, we discard it, passing it off for use by other scrubs manufacturers. Garment Construction
  2. Better Color: At Landau, we go to great lengths to make certain that every color in our collection maintains flawless consistency from garment to garment and even from solids to prints. Our exclusive dyeing and finishing process for color-fastness ensures that each garment stays vibrant and true.
  3. Better Design: Landau changed scrub design forever when we introduced a spectrum of colors now nearly 30 years ago. We were also the first manufacturer to introduce prints into our collections. Today, our talented in-house design team continues to draw inspiration from trendsetters in the fashion world and customers like you in the working world to create stylish designs that fit comfortably and flatter.
  4. Better Construction: Never cut corners when it comes to garment construction, engineering our patterns for your maximum comfort and range of movement no matter if you're sitting, standing, walking or bending. By creating our own patterns and fitting our samples on real healthcare professionals of all shapes and sizes, we ensure your fit is comfortable and consistent across all styles.While other companies simply add to the measurements of a garment to increase the size, at Landau we scale our scrubs proportionately to best fit your body shape. Whether you wear a petite or tall, an XS or a 5XL, you can trust that Landau scrubs are always true to size. 
  5. Better Quality Control: To us, the details are everything. You might even say we're obsessed. That's why we meticulously inspect every single roll of fabric we make, every single style we design and every single garment we sew. And when our scrubs are finished, we go back and inspect them again.  

      Better Manufacturing

      Just like you, Landau believes people deserve dignity, respect and a positive work environment. Treating our employees ethically and making sure that our manufacturing partners treat their employees ethically, by creating a safe, clean, law abiding work environment is important to us no matter what country they are in or company they are employed by.
      For more than 10 years, Landau has been dedicated to ensuring its facilities are WRAP Certified. (“WRAP”) Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production is an independent, objective, non-profit team of global social compliance experts, who are dedicated to ensuring safe, lawful, humane, and ethical manufacturing around the world. If a facility proves that it meets these standards it is certified. All Landau manufacturing facilities and partners conform to the WRAP standards.
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