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Welcome To Teddy Inc. Your Local Uniform Store /Scrubs Located in Port Charlotte, FL

   We strive to have a large selection of medical apparel at competitive prices. Presently, we carry Grey's Anatomy, Landau Proflex, Urbane Performance Quick-Cool, Urbane Ultimate, All Day, Urbane Performance, Urbane Align, Smitten, Wink, Healing Hands HH Works and Purple Label and Life Threads.  Style meets comfort with the new medical clothing fabrics and colors.  Cargo pants have a flattering style, but are very functional and comfortable.   Your will look as good as you are and leave a lasting impression.
    Because Fit equals Comfort.  Find your favorite fit.

 The Classic Fit is generously cut to provide the most comfort and ease of movement.  

The Modern Fit is tailored to flatter your shape without limiting movement.

The Contemporary Fit is contoured to conform to your body and compliment your shape. 

Besides the traditional cotton/polyester fabrics –  we carry the new blended fabrics that are soft, durable, and comfortable.  The textile manufactures have created superior stretch fabrication for today's professional.  Some uniforms have knit panels made with quick-dry technology to insure cool comfort and moisture wicking fabrics. The soft fabrics create stylish medical garments that fit and flatter naturally with no added ironing. 
    Easy care is a must for today's professional.  Discover that amazing fabrics the resists wrinkles, with stretch.   Machine wash inside out, cold water on gentle cycle, using non-chlorine bleach detergent.  Hang to dry and your ready to go.
    Every season a new exiting line of medical apparel becomes available in new colors and styles.   We carry medical attire, lab coats, and related accessories. We have a large selection of core colors and diverse colors.  We offer in house embroidery to insure a quick turnaround time.  
    We have even implemented a program for Office Uniform Shows.  Shop at the office at your convenience.  Make it easy for your employees to purchase their work clothing. .  
         1. We deliver a rack of pre-selected medical uniforms to your office for a few days.

         2. Your employees can try on the garments during their lunchtime or breaks; at their convenience.  No sales person, just an order pad.

         3. We will pick up the display and deliver any orders back to the office with the employees name on the package.
             Easy and 1-2-3

    Thank you for stopping by our on-line shop and we hope you enjoyed your experience.  We would like to create an enjoyable shopping experience by providing you with exceptional customer service and value for your hard earned money.  Please stop by our retail shop.  We would love to meet you.  We look forward to assisting you in any of your work attire.

We have three goals.
1. Outstanding Customer Service
2. Professional Workmanship at Competitive Prices
3. Complete the work in the established dead lines
We would love to earn your business.
     We carry Scrubs that will suit your style and keep you looking your very best.  You can pick from a variety of styles:  Scrub Zone, All-Day, Proflex, Urbane Performance, Quick-Cool, Urbane Ultimate, Smitten & Lab Coats.  Our Medical Uniforms will offer you a range of fits, styles, sizes (petites) and colors to fit your unique needs and make you standout form the crowd.
Busy Schedules- Shop at the Office
We have developed a uniform program for offices
  • We bring in a rack of medical uniforms and leave it at your office for 2-3 days.
  • The Uniforms can be pre-selected by the office by style or color.  This would enable your staff to see the fabrics sizes and colors.  
  • Your employees can try on the uniforms at their convenience - Lunch or Breaks.  No Sales person, just an order form.
  •  We will deliver any uniform orders back to the office with the employees name on the package.
  • Embroidery and monogramming are available.  Our Monogramming is done in-house to control quality and speedy deliver.
  • Call Us at 941-766-7400 to set up an appointment, for your office scrub show. 
     I would love to work with other business owners to create a vision for their company, using their Business Logo's on Apparel or promotional items.
     We have a large selection of Trophies and Awards to chose from;  It is all about the smiles...we would love a picture of your child or office worker proudly holding their well earned award.
     Our goal is to create memorable personalized gifts for family and friends celebrations.  We like to think of ourselves as "Memory Makers".
Everyone asks, "Who is Teddy?"
     I would like to introduce you to Teddy.  Teddy is our family pup and we love him dearly.  The next question is, "What kind of dog is he?"
     Well, that is a little story.  He supposed to be a Pomeranian, but we think he is a Mutt-eranian.  He has very tall legs, is way to big (he weighs 17 lbs), and for a Pomeranian that is Huge.  But we don't care, we love him anyway.
     Sadly, you won't get to meet Teddy at the store.  Teddy stays home, because he is retired.